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SPN seeks to provide valuable experience for the aspiring entrepreneur that has a desire to start their own business. As an expanding business, we want to inspire and give you the experience and direction you will need to start, manage and scale a business. SPN is a great place to learn about the business world, we will challenge you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We will challenge you to think outside the box and away from the textbook and open your eyes to the evolution of a real business.

Business Development

- Assisting with building relationships with new vendors
- Establishing new businesses
- Providing utmost customer service to previous participants.
- Database collection, input, and management of CRM System


Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, Social Media platforms/websites, and Playbooks

Image by Christin Hume
Admin Ops Pic.jpg

Administrative Operations

- Work alongside the SPN Construction Administrative Assistant and the Vendor Onboarding Officer
- Work on administrative data migration and data-focused projects for operations, project management, and accounting
- Conducting audits in Quickbooks
- Putting projects together and conducting research
- Workflow testing, developing, implementing, and documenting 
- Maintaining/updating the Playbooks
- Compliance and making sure vendors/interns/employees fill out the right documents
- Follow up with contractors

Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, Quickbooks, and Playbooks

Construction Design

AutoCAD pic.jfif

- Work with the lead architect and clients to assess needs and develop projects
- May travel to sites as an assistant to learn about what the Lead Assessor's role is during site visits
- Site planning and creating floor plans using AutoCAD
- Review photos of the site to figure out how to modify the space for maximum utilization that fits the needs of the customer as well as regulations
- Certifications that our company needs/requires to operate (Researching credible resources for certifications we may need or certifications that will help us gain more knowledge on home modification, construction, or to expand our company

Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, AutoCAD, and Playbooks

Financial Analyst

- Work on data analysis projects to aggregate sales data and generate business insights.
- Building financial analyses
- Preparing forecasts and comprehensive budgets
- Assisting with accounting, bookkeeping, and compliance tasks
- Analyzing complex financial data and distilling it into executive reports

Utilizing systems using Podio, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Playbooks


Marketing Strategist

Assist with marketing, advertising, and promotional activities
- Develop a rapport with clients and foster long-term relationships
- Implement, promote, and manage digital marketing campaigns
- Help grow Instagram Accounts, YouTube, Facebook, and Email List
- Perform industry research and market analysis

Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, Social Media platforms/websites, and Playbooks

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Program Coordinator

- Accommodate the supervisor in managing reports, recruiting, and following up with potential sponsors
- Provide foundation support to the supervisor and company
- Conduct internship market research based on needs
- Assist with managing and growing the foundation and creating content
- Organize, prepare meeting agenda, and conduct outreach to decision-makers

Utilizing systems using Podio, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Playbooks

Project Management

Project Management Pic.png

- Providing support to the team by assisting with day to day operations of Project Manager (bidding, oversight of ongoing projects, auditing)
- Maintain a continuous knowledge of project status in order to identify potential issues and/or opportunities within or related to the project
- Creates activities and long-term partnerships with key community stakeholders and organizations
- Perform general administrative tasks, as needed (Such as research and decreasing expenses)

Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, Quickbooks, and Playbooks

Property Management

-You will learn everything there is about the day to day operations of real estate management
- Managing portfolios of residential and commercial units
- Working directly with Management, tenants, and vendors
- Research & Development for expansion into different markets and creating better more efficient ways of doing business.
- Overseeing and maintaining all income and expenses

Utilizing systems using Podio, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Playbooks
***Must be studying Business, Real Estate, Management, or related degrees.***

Property Management Pic.jpg
Image by Scott Graham

Research & Development

- Conduct market research
- Provides business development support for the company
- Organize, prepare correspondence and conduct outreach to decision-makers.
- Identify key companies/federal programs within selected target markets
- Conduct competitor analysis to determine the market niche

Utilizing systems using Podio, Google Drive, and Playbooks

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