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The Ideal Internship

For You. 


"The fundamentals you learn in school do not prepare you for the challenges you will face as an entrepreneur. That is a fact! College will not prepare aspiring entrepreneurs for the business of starting and running a successful business. Well, that is where SPN enters the room. SPN Foundation was created for the sole purpose to position aspiring entrepreneurs like yourselves to be successful and to fail all at the same time! We want to prepare you for what will be the most challenging endeavors you will face and what will be the most rewarding accomplishments you will have throughout your careers. Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur, not everyone is built to be a leader, and that’s ok because we always need soldiers! Which one are you? Don’t worry, we will help you decide.


We will challenge you, we will encourage and stimulate you. But we will not coddle you! We aren’t here for a popularity contest. We are here to be leaders and to run a business; successfully!"

....You got what it takes?  

Saverio Nestico, President of SPN Companies

Our Mission

To provide valuable experience for the aspiring entrepreneur that has a desire to start their own business. We will make you feel comfortable with being uncomfortable and inspire you!

Our Vision

To deliver world-class education and experience across the United States that encourages collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. To expand to all universities with the intention of building great leaders and entrepreneurs.

What We Need From You

critical thinking


Work Ethic


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